About Us

We are a startup fixed wing UAV drone manufacturer and developer company based in Tököl Airport 10 miles from Budapest. Our objective is to produce a variety of airframes with state-of- the-art technology installations in order to meet any end-user requirements at affordable prices.
Founded by Mr. Andras Kersics and Mr. Andras Gyarmati UAVIATOR Drones Ltd. is a dedicated alliance to focus knowledge, innovation, inspiration and resources effectively to reach the skies.
Believing in “just do it” we approach R&D not from the office but from the workshop and the airfield. UAVIATOR is about our visionary aviator Mr. Kersics who has spent his life and everything he had on creating unbelievable flying objects. Holding several patents and design trademarks, having eidetic memory and drawing skills he has come a long rocky way to finally fulfil and share those dreams with the rest of the world. With the right team of talented aerospace, materials, electronics, mechanical experts, engineers and managers the vision became a mission.