Drone Factory

At UAVIATOR Drones we aim to create complete modular manufacturing processes of different capability fixed wing UAV airframes for serial production. With such technologies in our hands we are ready to set up manufacturing lines and to train staff anywhere in the world.

On the other hand at our own premises, at the “drone factory” right now we can reach production capacity of one 7metre or three 2metre drones a week in case of high output demand. The only limit we face is always human resources as these airframes are mostly made by hand. However a good number of part-processes can be automated for serial production.

The airframe we make is the combination of carbon composite and aramit honeycomb herex.
This we treat with vacuum sandwich technology to achieve the final strength and dynamics.
All materials and products we use and offer are accredited and of aerospace standards.
In the fabrication process we apply negative templates in order to receive homogenous interchangeable parts like the wings and centroplane. With this we achieve a modular system of production and a quick after-sale service becomes also available. Therefore production and maintanance costs are minimised and economic hence forward.


We mostly use commercially available parts as the engines, servos and regulators.
However all of our robots are homemade meaning that we program software in house by ourselves minimising exposure to hacking threats on the system.

Key electronic features of our drones:

  • Completely Autonomous drones
  • Programmable robot interface for single or multi-tasking
  • Cluster working: connecting and networking two or more drones in order to cooperate
  • Autonomous clustering through the communication module connecting the robot
  • Sensors allowing automatic VTOL takoffs and landings
  • Electro-Optical devices to execute the mission
  • System optimization according to given doctrines
  • Military applications and many more upon specific requirements.


After having spent years of engineering hours in the workshop on fabricating the allwing and S-profile concept and having spent years of test flights on the airfield we are proud to present you our products that have reached the following attributes:

  • from 20:1Kms to 32:1Kms glide ratio
  • conceptual stealth technology
  • 10 % backwards arrowing of the wings provide high flight stability
  • winglets provide high effectiveness and flight stability
  • structural design allows a number of extra internal and external payload including droppable aerodynamic pods, integrated fuel tank extensions and many more
  • due to the allwing concept we provide you the most lift, most effective flight and most economic concept
  • maximised flight duration