1. Technology transfer, license manufacturing

As a startup manufacturer we primarily focus on supplying UAS technology transfers to key end-users, like state organizations, governmental agencies or parcel delivery companies, online operators, telecommunications or agriculture. By handing over the full manufacturing technology of our drone(s) we aim to provide our clients the adoption of the fully supported process with the necessary training, education and certificates.

  1. Leasing and management

We would like to ease up the everydays of key drone service operators by providing our fleet management services whereby we offer our regular drone upkeep, updates, training, repair services and spare parts supply. This is also available on a lease plan of a complete fleet manufactured by us or upon any arrangement or requirement.

  1. Commercial inspections

On request we are also prepared to perform any type of commercial, industrial or environmental inspections for any application fields as follows:

  1. primary industry (mining, oil & gas, rigs etc.)
  2. renewable plants
  3. utility grids
  4. environmental
  5. agriculture
  6. infrastructure
  7. construction
  8. telecommunications
  9. maritime
  10. archeology
  11. coastal services
  12. military services
  13. rescue and recon
  14. monitoring
  15. parcel delivery upto 25 Kgs.